The Girls Strawberry U-Pick by Happy Family Blog

The Girls Strawberry U-Pick

The Girls Strawberry U-Pick is one of my favorite places to go especially on a chilly day like yesterday.  You get to experience the country right off Military trail in Delray Beach.  They offer u-pick strawberries and vegetables as well as fun animal experience in a family friendly setting.

Grandma’s Garden and Farm Animals

The garden areas is filled with exotic birds and farm animals.  It has great tree coverage which is so important on hot South Florida days.  When we went Cookie, the goat had just had triplets, Sprinkles, Sugar and Chip two days before.  They are so adorable.  They also have bunnies, chickens, lambs, swans, turtles, donkeys and more.  The Garden and animals alone could be a whole day of fun.

The Girls Strawberry U-Pick by Happy Family Blog
The Girls Strawberry U-Pick by Happy Family Blog

U-Pick Experience

Their hydroponic farm features a state-of-the-art system for delivering nutrients to the plants. It allows you to pick your fruit and veggies from a tower structure instead of off the ground.  Due to our warmer weather the strawberries were not ready yet, but we had a blast picking tomatoes and when we got home we made an incredible Baked Caprese Chicken Dish for dinner last night.  I would highly recommend it even if you have to use store bought tomatoes.  You can also pick beans.  My phone ran out of battery just after we arrived, but the photo below is from a trip last fall at The Girls Strawberry U-Pick.

Girls U Pick Strawberry

Baked Caprese Chicken by Happy Family Blog

Photo Cut-Outs

They have a number of cute photo cut-outs that Bailey loves to stop and take pictures with all say The Girls Strawberry U-Pick on them.  The strawberry cut-out is one of our favorites.  They also have a beach setting and the donkeys, Romeo and Juliet.

The Girls Strawberry U-Pick by Happy Family Blog

Strawberry Express

This was our first time riding the train.  It is $3/ticket and takes you on a ride through the farm.  I personally did not love it, but that could be because it is for kids and not 6′ tall parents.  My daughter’s face lights up when she talks about it so I would recommend it for younger kids.  Originally, I was going to let you go alone, but the path takes you through the farm to places I could not see so I joined her and I was happy I did.

Grandma’s Party House

They have a small house that is ideal for hosting birthday parties at The Girls Strawberry U-Pick.  I can see a party there is our future.

The Girls Strawberry U-Pick by Happy Family Blog


Bailey loves fire trucks so the antique fire truck is always a highlight.  They also have an antique car out front.  Three years ago our first outing with Bailey was to the Girls to celebrate her 1 month birthday, we took a photo in front of the strawberry painted car so it always brings back great memories for me.

The Girls U Pick Strawberry

My Tips

Even if there are no fruits or veggies ready to pick there is so much to do it is worth the trip.  Check their website or call so you know the status of u-pick.  I have found the successful trips are all about setting the right expectations before you get there.  I also recommend checking the weather before you go.  The farm is all outdoors. They do have an adorable store that is like stepping back in time and a restaurant if you do get caught in an afternoon shower or want to grab a meal or a snack.  The ice cream creations remind me of Jackson’s in Broward you could split one between an entire family and still have leftovers.   Be prepared that you kids will want to buy everything in the store.  It is a little like Disney World because they have you walk through a store filled with ice cream, candy and toys to get the farm.  I don’t think we are yet to successfully navigate through the store without buying something.  Since it feels like a family run operations I am always happy to support them.

What to Bring/Wear:

If you have small children there is space to bring your stroller, if you are ok with getting it a little dirty and off roading a bit. Some of the rows of veggies are pretty tight so I would recommend using a carrier instead.   Wear closed toed shoes, a large part of the farm is gravel.  Bailey loves to wear her rain boots when we go.  Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and possibly a hat on sunny days.  I would recommend bringing quarters to purchase food for the animals and a dollar or two so you can make a donation to go into the petting zoo area.  There are also tables outside if you want to bring your own snack.

Where:  14466 S. Military Trail, Suite 3 Delray Beach, FL 33484
When to go:  They are open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm.  I prefer to go during the week when it is less crowded.  I also love going in the fall when they have it decorated with pumpkins and the weather is a little cooler, but it is fun all year long.

About The Girls Strawberry Patch

For more info, please visit (561) 496-0188.   Admission is free and the u-pick prices are reasonable.

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