In Our Pjs All Day Long

This summer we are doing mommy camp = mommy daughter fun everyday instead of going to camp.  I put unnecessary pressure to make each day special. I generally like to do an activity in the morning, like the beach or a play date,  lunch, naps and then a low key afternoon at the house or our neighborhood park.  And then once a week we take a “field trip” to a local attraction.     

Our plan was to go to the beach.  It is one of our favorite places to go.  Everyday is different and we can go just the two of us or with friends.  Generally when I ask Bailey if she wants to go to the beach she gets super excited, but yesterday she said no.  My first instinct was we should go anyway she would love it once we got there and selfishly I had a long to do list to accomplish during her nap time and I wanted to make sure she was tired for nap time.   Then I realized this is what summer is all about.   

If Bailey wants to lounge around in our pjs all day that can be just as much fun as going to the beach.  So that is exactly what we did.   We watched TV, had snacks, read books, our best friends stopped by on their way home from camp and had a special tea party that she put together when I finally showered right before her daddy came home from work.  

When was the last time you stayed in your pjs all day?

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