We Have Been Booed

Yesterday while Bailey was sleeping I heard voices in our front yard.  I went to see who was there and was greeted by a new neighbor and her two girls with an adorable tradition that I have seen on Pinterest, but have never seen in person, “Booing”.  

When Bailey woke up she was so excited about her package filled with treats from our new neighbors.  The instructions are 

  1. Pick 2 neighbors to boo within 2 days.  Put together a Halloween surprise and include a copy of instructions and a “We have been booed” sign 
  2. Deliver the packages to your neighbors. 
  3. Put the We Have Been Booed sign in your door or window. 

Bailey loved booing her neighbors and her cousin in Sarasota, especially since it gave her a change to hug our neighbors’ Halloween decor.    

If you want to start the tradition in your neighborhood check out Grey Squared Designs Blog for a free printable.  Have you ever been “Booed”?  

6 thoughts on “We Have Been Booed

  1. Our neighborhood has been doing this for a while. It’s a great tradition, and this year our kids understood and helped me choose the goodies and deliver them. Happy Halloween!

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