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Successful Relationships have a Rock and a Kite – Which are you?

My unofficial little brother got married in a beautiful seaside ceremony.  During their vows they shared the story about successful relationship.  It resonated with me more than any other words shared at a wedding.

Some of the longest lasting relationships have one partner whose role is to be the rock; the grounded person who makes logical decisions, thinking with their head and not their heart.   And the other partner is the kite; the one who wants to fly, they are often more impulsive and act upon what their gut tells them.

There is something about being at a wedding that makes you think about and appreciate your own relationship, especially when the vows perfectly describe you and your spouse.  Kurt is my rock, not just in the sense that I depend on him for almost everything, but that he is the grounding force in our relationship.  He is a doer, if you need a task accomplished he is your man. Or if you need to be reminded a million times to complete your tasks, he is also your man with follow-up phone calls, texts, emails.  He is the type of person who cannot sleep in on a Saturday if he has chores to do.  He will get up early to get them finished so he can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  If he says he will do something you know it will get done.  He knows how to say no when he has too much on his plate.

I am the kite, I am intuited with my gut and allow my emotions to influence most of my decisions in life.  Chores or no chores generally on Saturday morning my gut tells me that weekends are for having fun, which means breakfast in bed or running out of the house for a long list of fun activities.  I am the one who when we first started this transition thought, we should sell our house and travel the world.  My rock quickly reminded me while that would be fun, what would we do when the adventure was over.  I always approach life as an adventure.

There are pros and cons to being the rock or the kite.  For me I cannot image a marriage without one of each.  Sometimes it may feel almost like the angel and the devil on the shoulders of our relationship.  He is always pushing us to make the responsible and adult choices, while do my best to convince him that life is short and we should put fun first.

Which one are you?  Is the partner the same or the opposite?  What is the key to a Successful Relationship?

7 thoughts on “Successful Relationships have a Rock and a Kite – Which are you?

    1. Krysta – You just made my day! Kites make the world a fun place to live. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my first ever blog post and comment. Have a great day.

  1. It’s so funny because I would have guessed Kurt to be the kite! But that’s probably because he’s my little brother. I think you guys are both rocks and kites at different times and with different things. Scott is definitely the rock in our relationship, and I am mostly the kite but can be the rock too. I loved your first blog post! Way to go! 🙂

    1. Lisa you are so sweet. I agree we can go back and forth depending on the situation. Love that you found my blog. After a year of thinking about it. I finally pulled the trigger, thanks to Kurt encouraging me.

  2. Really nice article. I saw you were looking at my on parenting by role modeling. Glad you like it. Your rock and kite analogy is great. Two kites at all times can be trouble. Two rocks make for a pretty dull life.

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