Searching for Sea Shells

When Bailey’s cousins came into town they were all about searching for sea shells.  We live about 5 minutes from the beach and we are there at least once a week, but rarely do we look for sea shells.  When we got to the beach this morning I was so excited to see it was as flat as a lake.  It was the perfect day to look for shells on the beach and in the water.     

Bailey got really into it. She used her strong leadership skills and often pointed at shells and asked me to pick them all up. She even went into the water and sifted through the sand looking for shells.  

       When we got home we rinsed them in vinegar and water and laid them on a towel to dry.  Bailey is looking forward to making necklaces and other crafts with all her shells.  



  1. Zoo at Night – Rour and Pour
  2. Summer concert series at Mizner
  3. Picnic in the Park
  4. Beach
  5. Collect shells
  6. Organize Bailey’s artwork
  7. Staycation
  8. Trip to the Keys
  9. Date night
  10. Bubble event at CityPlace
  11. Elmo at Science Explorum
  12. Special time with cousins
  13. Sleepover at MiMi and Papa
  14. Picnic at Daddy’s Office
  15. Sarasota to see Uncle Chad, Tat and Byron
  16. Summer reading program at library
  17. Drop in storytime at Library
  18. Miami Seaqurium
  19. Swim in the pool
  20. Playground at Bailey’s school
  21. Friday series at the library
  22. Miami Zoo
  23. Hang out with new friends
  24. As many dance parties as possible
  25. Boating
  26. Diving equipment
  27. Lion Coubtry Safari

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