Preview: Afforable Landscaping Tips

Bailey’s birthday is in September so Back to School time is not just about school it is also our version of Spring Cleaning.  Our list of projects inside and out seems to be growing faster than our almost 3 year old.  

One of our biggest projects every year is updating our landscaping.  When we started planning this project we had a landscape architect come and give us a plan and a quote.  This seemed like a good idea until we got the quote $26,000.  I had to triple check the quote.  Originally we thought we would break it into more manageable pieces.  I think our budget for manageable pieces was not even enough to get him to respond.  We took this as a sign that we should make this a DIY project and see how much we could save.  

When this delivery arrived yesterday I got so excited that I forgot to take before pictures.  Look for a post with our tips soon. 


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