Picnic at Daddy’s Office (Update to Summer Bucket List)

Kurt’s office has donuts and bagels on Friday. Bailey has an incredible memory and a love of donuts, her daddy and our friend Robbie so she is always asking to go and visit them at the office.   

We finally made it happen today and Bailey was in heaven.  Daddy greeted her with a chocolate donut and Uncle Robbie, our close friend and co-worker greeted her with cookies.  

After eating half of daddy’s lunch Bailey was so excited to go to Kurt’s office and watch Mickey Mouse on his two monitors.  And got to talk to Uncle Robbie on the fancy video phones.  

   O to be a toddler again and be so excited to go to work. I wonder if she thinks that everyday daddy has donuts and watches Mickey when I tell her that daddy is at the office. 

  1. Zoo at Night – Rour and Pour
  2. Summer concert series at Mizner
  3. Picnic in the Park
  4. Beach
  5. Collect shells
  6. Organize Bailey’s artwork
  7. Staycation
  8. Trip to the Keys
  9. Date night
  10. Bubble event at CityPlace
  11. Elmo at Science Explorum
  12. Special time with cousins
  13. Sleepover at MiMi and Papa
  14. Picnic at Daddy’s Office
  15. Sarasota to see Uncle Chad, Tat and Byron
  16. Summer reading program at library
  17. Drop in storytime at Library
  18. Miami Seaqurium
  19. Swim in the pool
  20. Playground at Bailey’s school
  21. Friday series at the library
  22. Miami Zoo
  23. Hang out with new friends
  24. As many dance parties as possible
  25. Boating
  26. Diving equipment
  27. Lion Country Safari

7 thoughts on “Picnic at Daddy’s Office (Update to Summer Bucket List)

  1. I love that you’re doing a summer bucket list! I don’t have a visit to Daddy’s office on our official summer bucket list, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do with the kids, especially since Daddy’s office is right by Ikea!

      1. Aww, I LOVE that! We will absolutely be visiting Daddy’s office soon. He started a new job recently and we want to check out the new digs.

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