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Palm Beach Zoo

Yesterday Bailey and I had our first play date with a new friend from school, at the Palm Beach Zoo.  When her friend got there she was so excited she was shaking.  I love the zoo because no matter how many times you go you always see something different.

My Tips

The zoo is open from 9am to 5pm, with the last ticket sold at 4:15pm so I like to make the zoo a morning activity for us with a picnic lunch.  Personally I like to see the animals first and then do the splash area when we are hot and sweaty.  There are only two restrooms that I have found, one next to the exit and one at the cafe, which is about half way through the zoo.


The Safari Train ride and Wildlife Carousel are some of Bailey’s favorite activities.  They cost $3 each or 2 for $5 with all proceeds benefiting the Zoo’s animals


There are a number of animal shows and enrichment.  Our favorite is the Wow, Wings over Water show.  It is an interactive show featuring over 20 trained birds.  The birds literally fly into the stands.  The tiger animal enrichment is a must see.

Interactive Fountain

This is by far Bailey’s favorite section of the zoo.  It has provided hours and hours of entertainment for us and the perfect place to cool down.  I did not realize this during our first couple of trip, there are changing tents just West of the fountain area.

 What to Bring

I recommend bringing the following items: camera, binoculars (if your kids are old enough to use them), comfortable shoes, swimsuit, towel and change of clothes (for the splash area), sunscreen, water shoes, hats, sunglasses, stroller (even if it is just to carry your bags), Lunch and snacks – there are lots of tables and chairs to have a picnic (there is also a restaurant if you want to purchase food)  The website says that you cannot bring in food or drinks, but I have had no issues.  Quarters to buy food for the fish and birds.

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3 thoughts on “Palm Beach Zoo

  1. New Bathroom by the new Marty exhibit just past carousel – and porta potty across from tigers by the summer camp tent

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