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Kurt and I both love the water and we love introducing Bailey to everything water related.  Miami Seaquarium®  is a 38-acre tropical paradise with spectacular skyline views, right on Biscayne Bay.  If you have extra time the bay is worth going to see. There is parking on the side of the road.  From eight different marine animal shows, astonishing daily presentations, and a variety of educational tidbits along the way, Miami Seaquarium® is a place of inspiration, education – and fun!  We have gone to Miami Seaqurium a number of times this summer including yesterday with the Scott family and my parents.  

My Tips

Miami Seaqurium is open 365 days of the year.  It take about 4 hours to see all the shows.  The days we went they were open from 9:30 or 10am-6pm, but I would check their website to confirm.  We like to get there as close to when they open as possible to make sure we get to see all the shows we want before nap time.  Most of the park is open to the elements so be prepared to be hot.   There is a $10 parking fee and you need to have cash.  The tickets are over $40 for adults and over $30 for kids over 3 so we generally save trips for a time when they have a savings pass.  For example this summer there is a great deal where you get access to 4 attractions at a discounted rate, which is why we have  gone so many times this summer.   You can tell that the facility was built in the 60’s and could use updating, I try to focus on the animals and not the infastructure.


There are four main shows: Top Deck Dolphin, Golden Dome Sea Lion, Flipper Dolphin and Killer Whale & Dolphin Show.

  • If you only have time for one show the Killer Whale & Dolphin Show is our personal favorite and should not be missed.   Lolita the Killer Whale and her exotic Pacific white-sided dolphin friends put on an incredible experience as they show off their natural grace, beauty and intelligence through the special relationship between animal and trainer.  We are music lovers and they do a great job of incorporating fun music into the show as well as educational commentary that is interesting, but unnecessary for a toddler.  If you want to get soaking wet you should sit in the front rows.  They have the area painted a different color so be sure to pay attention if you want to avoid getting wet.  
  • Our second choice is a tie between the Flipper Dolphin Show and the Golden Dome Sea Lion Show. The Flipper Dolphin Show is a tribute to the “Flipper” Television show that were were shot at Miami Seaquarium’s Flipper lagoon in the 1960’s. Even if you are not a fan of the show it is a great high energy show that makes me think I missed my calling and should have been an animal trainer.
  • Golden Dome Sea Lion Show – The best way to go into this show is knowing that the “humor” is super cheesy. It is all about the adventures of Salty the Sea Lion and his Reef Rangers. Our daughter loves it and the animals are adorable enough to focus on instead of the dialogue.  
  • Top Deck Dolphin Show – This show is a fun opportunity to see bottlenose dolphins jumping and leaping out of the water. If you have kids I would recommend sitting in the seats, we stood on the side up against the tank and it was almost too close to see all the action.  If there is not a show time that works for you, don’t worry you can sit walk up top and watch them swimming around.   


They have everything from sharks to Manatees to birds.  We could spend hours and hours watching the dolphins swim around.  Bailey likes to go to Stingray exhibit where you can pet and feed them.  She is really more into me petting them.  One day maybe she will try as well.


There are a number of animal experience from dolphins to sea lions.  Since we have a toddler and have done the trainer for a day at Atlantis in the past we have never tried these.  There is also a ropes course adventure for an additional $5 that we have not tried.

What to Bring

I recommend bringing the following items: camera, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, stroller (even if it is just to carry your bags), swimsuit, towel and change of clothes and water shoes (for the splash playground or the inflatable water slides during the summer).  Lunch and snacks – there are lots of tables and chairs to have a picnic (there is also a restaurant if you want to purchase food)  The website says that you cannot bring in food or drinks, but I have had no issues.


Miami Seaquarium is a controversial place in town and I only include this warning because when we went for the first time in years there were a number of people picketing. They demonstrate against marine mammal captivity. Lolita, the Killer Whale has been lived at Miami Seaquarium for over 40 years.

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