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Let’s Celebrate: Princess Fruit Wands

I was lucky enough to do the party planning my niece’s 3rd birthday.   These princess fruit wands were a big hit at her Princess Party.  I would highly recommend them.  


  • Sticks
  • Fruit – we used grapes and watermelon.  You could us strawberry, cantaloupe, or blueberries too 
  • Knife
  • Star cookie cutter

Step 1 – Cut the Mellon into 1-2″ rounds.  Make sure it is thinner than you cookie cutter so the cutter does not get stuck in the middle.  Then place the cookie cutter into the fruit to create your topper.  I made all the stars first and stored them in a Tupperware so I could do some of the prep the day before.  I waited to assemble them until the morning of the party.   

Step 2 – Assemble the fruit onto the stick.  Leaving enough room at the bottom for kids to hold them and top with the stars. 

As you can see with my Neice these are princess approved.  They were all gone half way through the party.  I loved seeing the kids walk about with their wands.  

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