Leaving your Baby Overnight for the 1st Time

I don’t know if it is that Bailey had a rough start coming into this world a month early as a NICU premie or if every mother is this way, but the thought of leaving her made me almost break into tears.  My best friend has taken a couple of baby-less trips and has been working on me since her first trip.  I knew the day would finally come where I would have to leave her I just hoped it would be my choice and not a work trip, etc.

Originally, our plan was to all go to my cousins wedding in Texas, but since Kurt’s family (his parents and his sister) and one of our favorite families all live in Texas our weekend trip quickly turned into a two week tour of Texas.  It is amazing how $250 here, $100 there times three can add up to thousands of dollars.  We were still working to figure out our new budget, the days of spending a couple of thousands of dollars unexpectedly are gone at least for now.  So we made the difficult choice for me to go alone, well not alone with my parents, but without Kurt and Bailey.

I am so fortunate to have the best support system of friends, most of who are also moms.  Without them I would have never agreed to go.  A number of my cousins did not come to our wedding.  I understand there are many reasons why they did not come, but it still hurt my feelings.  I channeled this feeling and committed to going to be there to support my cousin.  Kurt left for a family emergency two weeks before the wedding, I think it was a good distraction and did not allow me to think about how I would handle it.

Again Thank God for a good support system, my girlfriend Dawn offered to watch Bailey after school on Thursday and Friday so Kurt could work a full day.  Bailey loves Ava, Dawn and Steve so she was so excited about having a party with them I think she forgot that I was leaving.   The day before I left she went running into the office at school to tell them that Ava and Dawn were picking her up from school.  My parents picked me up and we were off.

We ran into most of our extended family who were all on the same flight, the first question I got was is Bailey Ann coming.   It hit me, no she is not.  Once on the plane I quickly settled into a new book, that my best friend had given me months before.  I put my headphones in and read my book the entire flight, without interruptions.  I was quickly adjusting to the freedom that I was so afraid to take.

We stayed at the cutest resort, the Fredrickburg Herb Garden,  If you are ever in wine country in Texas.  I would highly recommend it.   They have adorable cottages, a 1st class spa and a great restaurant.  Each cottage had a swing on the front porch.  It ended up to be the perfect spot for reading.

While I was out of town Kurt and Bailey had special daddy-daughter time, which I think is so import.  They went to Lion country safari and down to Miami for a family day with Kurt’s sister and her family.

When we got home I could not believe I had waited so long to travel alone.  Kurt and I have still not taken a trip together without Bailey, need to add that onto the list.

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