It’s Starting to Look like Bailey’s Birthday Party

I love love love to host parties.  I enjoy the entire process, except the budget part from picking a theme to setting up to hosting.  We have house guests in town starting tomorrow so I started setting up for Bailey’s birthday party this weekend.  

I like to celebrate birthday months so let the birthday month celebrate start now with a little preview.  


10 thoughts on “It’s Starting to Look like Bailey’s Birthday Party

      1. Oh sorry, the party is this Saturday. We are doing animal theme this year, but we did Minnie last year. She doesn’t really have a favorite character but loves animals. We are just doing a backyard bash with family. Fingers crossed for good weather! When is your party?

  1. That’s so cute!!! I’m considering minnie for my girl’s 2nd birthday! Although I think they’d look adorable as snow white! Oh, this is SO MUCH FUN!!! <3

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