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Is a Charter School Right for Your Family?

We still have another year of preschool.  I am already struggling to find the right fit for our daughter for elementary school.  A friend with four children gave me the best advice when I was first married.  She said your job is to find what your child is good at and support them in that.  That advice has stuck with me.  It is amazing at age 4 how B’s talents are already clear.  She loves to be on stage.  She is fortunate to have a dad who is a musician who still fits in a couple of gigs of year.  So she is comfortable up on stage in front of 100’s of people and even has a song she sings at his gigs.  When we were invited to a tour of Eagle Arts Academy Charter School I was excited to learn more about the school and charter schools in general.

What is a Charter School

A charter school is an independently run public school granted greater flexibility in its operations.  In return for greater accountability for performance. The “charter” establishing each school is a performance contract.  This contract details the school’s mission, program, students served, performance goals, and methods of assessment.

It is a complicated process.  You can only apply on one day a year (August 1st).  To get your charter you need to passed all 19 sections, including the budget, or your charter application would be denied.

Eagle Arts Academy

Eagle Arts Academy has a arts-infused curriculum.   Their goal is to make learning fun for everyone.  They teach to the individual child, so no child is left behind.   It is designed to inspire students to discover and explore their unique and extraordinary potential. They nurture students’ creativity and imagination.  Many children are inspired by the arts.  They dream of becoming the next generation of actors, filmmakers, visual storytellers, content creators, dancers, photographers, performers and influencers.   Eagle Arts provides students with a quality education while widening their horizons to careers in the entertainment and tech industries. The school utilizes project-focused learning, center-based, kinesthetic learning and differentiated instruction to teach every child at every.   Since B and her dad are both Star Wars lover they were most excited about the Star Wars infused projects like the math project below.

Is a Charter School Right for Your Family? by Happy Family Blog


Expand Student’s Horizons: 40 Minutes in the Arts Everyday

Arts remain at the core of everything Eagle Arts Academy does. Every student from kindergarten to 8th grade gets the opportunity to experience each of Eagle Arts Academy’s six Encore programs: Art, Acting/Drama, Filmmaking/Animation, Music, Dance/PE and TV Production. Each student receives 40 minutes per day in one of these disciplines for a six weeks series and then rotates to another discipline through school year. This ensures that they are exposed to all aspects of performing and production arts.  It often awakens a new interest or reveal a hidden talent in areas never before explored by a student.  This allows each child to truly be exposed to all aspects.  Including both the performing and production arts and learn real skills.

Art classes include painting, claymation and more.

Is a Charter School Right for Your Family? by Happy Family BlogActing / Drama  – Students recently did a production of Into the Woods, Jr. 
Film making / Animation – In their new $100K Mac lab students gain film making skills and learn the art of coding, beginning in third grade, to create their own animation art.

Is a Charter School Right for Your Family? by Happy Family Blog
Music – The music room, Guitar and Piano Lab was B’s favorite place.  She did not want to leave the lab.  Students learn about music by playing instruments as well as writing their own songs.

Dance / PE – In their new dance studio students work on their math skills with choreography.
TV Production – Their new 1,700 square foot professional TV studio was also impressive.  Here students produce a daily morning news program and various other productions.  Speaking into the camera builds self-esteem.  They also learn editing and interviewing skills.

Is a Charter School Right for Your Family?  Click here to learn more about Eagle Arts Academy.

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Is a Charter School Right for Your Family? by Happy Family Blog

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