Preparing for a Hurricane

Checklist for Hurricane Prep

If you live in a Coastal town Hurricane Prep is a part of life.  When storms start to get close signs of the huricane are everywhere.  My facebook newsfeed is filled with pictures of the path of the hurricane.  Article titles like “Extremely Dangerous Matthew Remains a Category 4 Hurricane” with your home in the cone of uncertainty are a motivator to get ready.  I have lived in Florida since I was 3 months old so hurricanes are nothing new to me.  As an adult, mom and homeowner my focus for hurricane prep has moved from excitement for hurricane parties to how to keep my house and family safe.  Hurricane prep is important to start days before the storm.  Below is our hurricane prep list.

Checklist for Hurricane Prep


  • Fill cars with gas prices start to go up as storms get closer
  • Fill gas cans if you have a generator (test the generator, if you have one)


  • Get cash mainly small bills.  One hurricane the only money we had was $50 bills, it was like having no money because no businesses wanted to give change for large bills.
  • Check batteries in flash lights
  • Candles and lighters

Food and Drinks

  • Stock up on water and snacks
  • Extra ice in the freezer in case power is out to move items to a large cooler
  • Fill propane tanks for grill if you don’t have a propane tank at your house

Around the House

  • Cut tree branches before bulk pick up date.
  • Charge all electronics in case of power outage including any portable charger you have
  • Have a plan as to where to move outdoor furniture and items if needed
  • Our town has a red alert program for updates I imagine other towns have similar programs
  • Finalize your evacuation plans including plans for your pets so you are ready if necessary

Did we miss anything on our list?

13 thoughts on “Checklist for Hurricane Prep

  1. You covered the important stuff. Obviously this isn’t your first hurricane. I’m in the cone too. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Wilma. Hoping this one fizzles before Monday.

  2. The only other thing I do is make sure my kids have their tablets charged. In case of a power outage they can play games when reading books and board games are done.

  3. Hi Cristy, I’m thrilled to find your Blog.
    The only things I would add to your list are:
    – Fill quart or gallon size plastic freezer bags with water and freeze them to create large chunks of ice that do not melt quickly.
    – Scrub the bathtub and fill it with water to use for personal hygiene. Bottled water with which you can brush your teeth.
    – Take a video of your belongings… open the cupboards, the closets, etc. to create a record of your belongings in case it is needed for insurance claims.
    – Be sure you have sufficient supply of medications to last at least a month.
    – Don’t forget the pets! Have extra dog food, flea/tick/heartworm meds on hand. Plus, their vax record should you need to go to a shelter.
    – Charcoal for a small grill, if it may be needed for cooking w/o electricity.
    Hope you find this tips from a 6th Decade Floridian helpful! Best you you, Kurt and darling Bailey Ann.

      1. I forgot a couple of things…
        – Run your dishwasher. If you lose electricity, it will STINK.
        – Wash your laundry. If you lose electricity, it may be quite a while before you can launder again. Plus… it will also start to smell awful.
        Stay safe over there!

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