Fascination with Big Trucks

Like many kids my daughter has a fascination with big trucks, especially fire and garbage trucks.  We have encourage it because it is something so simple that brings her so much joy.  Our town has an amazing program during the holidays were for a donation Santa and friends will come to your home on a Fire Truck.  It was one of the highlights of Christmas for us.  Every time we see a fire truck Bailey talks about how Santa came to her home on a fire truck.  If you live in Boca.  I highly recommend checking out Boca Cares.

Bailey is an amazing helper and she loves helping her daddy collect all the garbage the night before garbage day.  When she hears the garbage men coming down the street she runs over to the kitchen window and asks to get up on the counter so she can see and wave at the garbage men.  When I first saw her fasination with the garbage truck I was a little concerned.  We were at the park and a garbage truck went by, Bailey got so excited and motioned for them to honk the horn, which they did.  I had mixed emotions, first I thought why is our nanny teaching her to do this, should I be concerned?  Then I realized the beauty of childhood and that I should embrace it.

I have now taken a different approach and want to continue to reinforce to her that it is important to always appreciate even the things we take for granted, like the fact that someone actually comes to our home and takes away all the garbage.

Does your son or daughter love fire and garbage trucks?

5 thoughts on “Fascination with Big Trucks

  1. My almost 3 year old is obsessed with trucks, monster trucks, fire trucks, garbage truck, and what not trucks. Seriously, I so wish for his sake that he gets to experience what your daughter is experiencing.Sadly, we don’t have such Christmas here in India!

  2. My kid is obsessed with the trash/recycling truck, as well. He is just glued to the window when they come by. They’re so nice to him, too. They do “Big Truck Days” & “Touch-A-Truck” around here in the spring, so he can go see, touch, and even sit in the trucks. It’s super awesome – maybe even more so for us silly adults.

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