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Books We are Reading this Week

I got the idea for this weekly series from Katie at  Soph and Jack, check out her blog for fun family adventures and frugal finds. I wish we lived in the same town, I would love to hang out with her just based on reading her blog.  I finally got a library card as an adult.  We are at the library all the time, but never check out any books. It is amazing how new books become the must read books. Bailey wanted to take them everywhere all week.  We look forward to continuing this tradition.  She had a hard time narrowing down which books we should check out.

Picking out Library Books with Happy Family Blog
Peekaboo, I Love You Happy Family Blog

Peekaboo I Love You – I was not sure to expect but it ended up to be a sweet story that Bailey and I both related to.  When a soft and furry kitten comes to live with the green alien, Seedling is thrilled. But his excited squeezes frighten the kitten into hiding, so Seedling searches through the house for his beloved pet, calling out “Peek-a-boo, I’ll find you.” Great reminder to aways use gentle touches with animals.

Tiny on the Farm; Happy Family Blog
Tiny on the Farm – This was one of my favorite books this week and I would recommend it to anyone with kids.  Tiny, a barn sized dog and his big help find lost kittens.  Bailey loved pointing to and talking about all the farm animals.  The text was simple making it the ideal book for a new reader.

A Grandma Like Yours; Happy Family Blog
A Grandma Like Yours and A Grandpa Like Yours – My parents were babysitting this weekend.  We grabbed it so quickly that I did not realize it was all about Jewish grandparents.  My mom loves the Jewish culture so it turned out to be a good pick after all.

Ratatouille; Happy Family Blog

Ratatouille – When a little rat named Remy tries to become a chef in a famous French restaurant, there’s bound to be trouble. This full-color Read-Aloud Storybook retells all of the action of Disney / Pixar’s latest animated feature film, RatatouilleThis was Bailey’s favorite book.  She literally cried when we returned it to the library.

How do you introduce new books to your kids?  Do you use your library?

Please note this has affiliate links, if you want to buy the books, but you could also check them out at your library.

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