10 Things Not to Say to a Mom of a Red Head

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My husband and I are were both blondish when we were kids.  So when I was pregnant I assumed our daughter would be blond too.  When she was born and they said she had red hair I was in shock.  Turns out my grandfather’s nickname was red.  He was white when I knew him and the old photos were all black and white.  Fast forward 5 years B says her favorite thing about herself is her red hair.  Which makes me so happy because it brings her so much attention I did not know if she would love it.  And not all the attention is always positive.  If I had not heard these questions first hand I would not believe that people would ask these questions.

10 Things Not to Say to a Mom of a Red Head

When I saw the opportunity to work with Schwarzkopf the first topic that came to mind was all the crazy questions and comments we have heard over the last 5 years about B’s hair color. I like to see the best in people so I try to remind myself that most of the comments are coming from a place of kindness. When you cannot walk into a store without someone stopping you to ask about hair color you start to get frustrated.  I will start with the craziest one first.

  1. Do you dye her hair?  We have been getting this question since B could walk.  I want to say of course I dye my hair, but do you really think I would dye a babies’ hair?
  2. Where did she get the red hair? I know they are looking for an answer like my grandfather, but sometimes I want to say from God.
  3. Is her dad red? No and why do you care.
  4. Wow she has red hair I generally reply yes she does and walk on.  What I want to say is yes and you apparently say everything that pops into your head out loud.
  5. You cannot get that from a bottle? This is very true, but why even say it.
  6. Do you know how much money people would pay for that color?  No I don’t know how much someone would pay for this color.
  7. Watch out, you are going to be in trouble with that one.  I have no comment for this one
  8. Is she your daughter? No I am the nanny.  Yes she is my daughter.  Just because I have brown hair does not mean we are not mother-daughter.
  9. Did you know you would have a red head? No, I could not see the future.
  10. Is her hair rusting? I was reminded of this questions the other day when B said “Mom look my hair is rusting.”  What she was trying to say was the her hair was sticky.  My friend looked at me with a strange face and I had to explain that a man had just asked us the other day if B’s hair was rusting.

One of the other bizarre things is people’s need to touch B.  I have spoken to other mom’s of red heads and all they said the same thing.  One mom even joked that you cannot get the magical powers of a red head by touching them so please keep your hands to yourself.  Instead of asking the questions above if you want to say something to a red head simply saying You are beautiful or love your hair color.

While we definitely don’t dye daughter’s hair I do dye my own.  So I am excited to partner with Schwarzkopf from Walmart.  I selected this Cocoa Red 5.28 so I could have redish tone to be more like my daughter.  10 Things Not to Say to a Mom of a Red Head

My husband is sweet and turns into my hair dresser when I need a touch up. 10 Things Not to Say to a Mom of a Red Head

To start he puts on the gloves on so his hands would be protected.  10 Things Not to Say to a Mom of a Red HeadThen he added the Color Cream tube into the application bottle.  Simply shake the bottle until the color is combined. 10 Things Not to Say to a Mom of a Red Head

I brush out my hair to ensure there are no knots.  Then place an old towel around you or remove your shirt to avoid dying your clothing.  I also remove earrings and necklaces just to be safe. Before you color your entire head test the dye on hair close to your neckline. Now you are ready to start the application.  Start with your roots, make a part down the middle and add the coloration mixture in a straight line on dry hair.  Using your fingers rub the color in saturating the scalp. Then using the bottle tip or your fingers, lift the hair to move on to the next section until you have finished the whole head. Rub the dye in like you are washing your hair.  Let this sit for 30 minutes.

Then wash your hair with the special conditioner.  Allow it to soak into your hair for 2 minutes.  This conditioner is always my favorite part of dying my hair.  The conditioner lasts for 3-4 applications and makes your hair feel so soft and silky.

Dry and style your hair.   I love the the color of the box truly represents the color you will get.  They also have a chart on the back that shows what the variation will be based on your original hair color.  I am loving the dark redish color for fall.   
10 Things Not to Say to a Mom of a Red Head

Before my hair was lacking any red.  Now is a great time to try Schwarzkopf Color Ultime.  You can earn up to $5 on Ibotta with your purchase of any shade.  Click here for the try me free rebate.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things Not to Say to a Mom of a Red Head

  1. As a redhead myself, I have gotten almost all those questions. Elderly women loved to say the “you can’t get that out of a bottle!” line. And when I started coloring my hair as a teenager, I often got “Do you know how much people pay for hair your color?” It’s pretty funny! Maybe now that you added some red to your hair (which looks GREAT), people will stop asking these silly questions when you’re out and about with your totally cute daughter. #client

  2. I really enjoyed your article. My grandfather had red hair and many of my first cousins are redheads. I have to call them and ask if they’re asked these awkward questions from strangers as well. My daughter has dark and very thick curly hair, while I am a blonde. I have often been asked if I’m the nanny at the supermarket. Fun read, I enjoyed this and thank you for sharing.

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