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Museum of Science and Discovery in Fort Lauderdale

This weekend we went to the Museum of Science and Discovery in Fort Lauderdale.  This summer they have a special Seasme Street Body exhibit so it has been a favorite destination for us.  We went because the forecast was for rain.  After we went during the rain I realize that while it is an indoor museum it is not the best place when it is raining because the parking garage to the museum is not covered and the ticketing area to the enterance is not covered.  Once inside you are safe.

We had a disappointing start.  There was an outdoor Jazz event in the park in front of the museum so the parking garage had increased their rate to a flat fee of $12.  We found another garage a couple of blocks East that was less expensive.  We have passes so we by passed the extremely long line and went inside as we have done all summer.  We were frustrated to hear that they were short staffed at the entrance forcing us to go back outside and stand in a line of 50-75 people long.  Between the parking and tickets we got into the museum an hour after we arrived.

There is so much to see it is hard to know where to start.  In circumstances like this we generally let Bailey lead.   She was happy to show us everywhere to go.  They have everything from fish tanks, a storm center to airplane simulators.  There is really something for everyone in your family.



The parking garage just West of the museum is ideal for parking.  Bring cash because generally there is only an automated machine and the last couple of times we went to cC machine did not work.  Be prepared for crowds.  On the weekends it is full of families and during the summer days it is a camp field trip destination.  There are snacks for purchase by the IMAX, auntie Annie’s and subway, but we generally pack our lunch and snacks.  In the North/East corner on the 2nd floor there is a great place with toddler sized tables overlooking the sea otters that is ideal for snacks.   There are tables just outside or a park across the street on the water that is ideal for a picnic in the park.  If you want a sit down Resturant Riverwalk in hip area of town with lots of options.


There are a couple of rides airboat ride on the first floor, Mars rover, and the multi-sensory theater capsule – this simulator uses moving seats, high definition 3D film and other special effects to allow visitors to “fly” in a variety of aircraft.   The simulator has two lines one for the toy ride and the other for the fighter pilot.  If it is not crowded you can stay on for both rides back to back.  They charge $5 for each of the simulator rides if you are not a museum member.  I think $5 is too much for it so if you are not a member I don’t know if it is worth it.


     What to Bring

You don’t need much.  I bring food because I have found it to be the key to a happy toddler but besides that you really just need yourself.

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