Your Complete Disney Packing List

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I have always loved Disney!  Now with a daughter of my own I have an even deeper love for the parks.  There is nothing like the magic of Disney through a child’s eyes.  From the feeling when you first walk into the park, to the rides, parades, food and characters I love it all.  My favorite part is simply watching my daughter’s reaction to all of it.  So when everyone else is watching the parade; I am staring at my daughter and soaking in the joy on her face.  I am currently packing for another trip to Disney to celebrate our daughter’s 5th Birthday!

When the opportunity to work with KEEP Collective’s new Disney Collection came up I could not wait to receive my bracelet and charms.  We are lucky to live just three hours away so we get to go all the time.  We just got home from a week at Disney and we have two more trips planned with year. This was the first trip that I will be packed a Disney themed accessory for myself.  Although I have a feeling that my daughter will be stealing these soon.  I am looking forward to ordering a Cardinals charm soon and another bracelet so that I can stack them.

The leather bands are reversible.  “If You Dream It You Can Do it” is inscribed on the rose gold side.  While the black side is embossed with Mickey.  There are 7 charms for you to customize the bracelet.  They range from the nostalgic vintage Mickey and Minnie to more modern silhouettes.  My daughter’s favorite way to is wear all of them at the same time while I like to have a couple of charms on at a time and switch them out.

Your Complete Disney Packing List by Happy Family Blog

Your Complete Disney Packing List by Happy Family Blog

Your Complete Disney Packing List

I do not enjoy packing.  I am not sure why packing for the entire family so often falls on the mom.  Generally, the night before, ok sometimes the day of if we are leaving in the afternoon, I am running around the house trying to pack everything.  Does this happen in your house also?

During our last two Disney trips, I forgot important items.  The first time it was a tooth brush and tooth paste for our daughter and on the last trip is was night time diapers.  The good thing is that Orlando has stores everywhere.  The bad part is that it was already bedtime so we were up super late. During the last trip I realized it was time to make a printable with Your Complete Packing Checklist for Disney.

Specialty Items to Order for Your Complete Disney Packing List

A month or so before your trip you should start looking for and buying the Disney themed items you want to bring on your trip.  Items include, but is not limited to:

  • Disney Themed Outfits and Costumes –  We also include a couple of princess dresses.  My favorite photos from the trip are often the ones where our daughter is dressed up as the princess she is meeting.
  • Disney Jewelry – We are excited to already have this one covered.
  • Light Up Toys – Save yourself lots of money by ordering them online instead of in the park
  • Disney Toys – I generally bring a small stuffed character so when my daughter is staying to angle for another item from the gift shop I can pull it out.

Do you have any packing items or tips we should add?

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Your Complete Packing Checklist for Disney by Happy Family Blog



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