Transitioning to a Big Girl Bed 

I have been dreading the transition to the “big girl bed” for months.  I think Bailey was the last of her friends to make the transition.  My approach to it was if it is not broken don’t fix it.  That all changed when she learned how to climb out.   We woke up one morning and she was in bed with us.  I am a heavy sleeper and Kurt is not so most nights if Bailey wakes up he will go in and get her and bring her to our bed.  When we woke up Kurt asked me if I brought her into the bed in the middle of the night.  We both knew that it meant it was time to transition.  

We debating about removing the front of her crib or buying a full size bed.  For financial and practical reasons we opted for the crib to transition.  While Bailey slept over at my parents house we went shopping for new sheets and a comforter.   She was so excited to finally have a big girl bed.  

We hoped it would mean we would have our bed back to just the two of us, but not yet.  Bailey stays in her bed most of the night.  If she gets up she climbs into bed with us.  Sometimes neither one of us wake up and we are both shocked to see her in bed.  

I know many people are opposed to co-sleeping.  I personally feel that Bailey will not always want to snuggle with us so we should embrace it now.  I do enjoy the times she sleeps in her bed but I also love being woken up by her asking to snuggle. 

Have you transitioned to a big girl/boy bed?   How did the transition go?    

4 thoughts on “ Transitioning to a Big Girl Bed 

  1. I was so against co-sleeping/bed-sharing at the beginning, but when Hazel was 5 months she got a really bad ear infection and I had mastitis, so we let her sleep with us… and that went on for another 4 months! She finally went back to her crib, but now that she’s 18 months she’s been waking up again in the middle of the night so we’re doing a little more bed-sharing and I love it! You have to do what works for your family, as long as everyone is safe. 🙂 Cute Minnie Mouse bedding – Hazel would love that!

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