Pen Pals

I recently read a post about pen pals.  It inspired me, since Bailey is still so young and has family out of town I thought it would be fun to have family as pen pals.  Then I remembered that my cousin is at sleep away camp.  Last summer Bailey and Skylar exchanged letters.   It was so sweet to see how into she got “writing”, which was more her coloring/decorating the letters.  

Do your kids have pen pals?

6 thoughts on “Pen Pals

  1. Ben had a pen pal before he started school, he would write letters to his cousin who lives cross country. It was a good exercise and it kept them close. Now that they are older they prefer facetime. Technology.

  2. Oh I miss pen pals! I think it’s such a great idea since we are so often involved in our online communications. Letters are fun to receive and a great way to keep in touch!

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