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Love her Style

I struggle with letting Bailey pick out her own outfits. When I do I love her style.  Accessories and all.  No it is not raining, but she said it was so sunny she wanted the umbrella.  Cannot argue with that.

Do you let your toddler dress themselves?

7 thoughts on “Love her Style

  1. my kids (6 and 8.5) have dressed themselves for years, with very little editing. they are currently both on a ‘we love our socks not to match’ kick. not always cute, especially when the little guy pairs a Christmas penguin sock with a Darth Vader sock, but does he smile about it? yup.

  2. My three year old has dressed herself for quite a while. You never know what you are going to get but it’s always entertaining for me and she is super excited. I loved her hot pink tank top with palm trees on it matched with her green and red Christmas socks with Santa on them that she wore the other day!

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