Intro to Zumba

My mother in law had shared how much she enjoyed the few Zumba classes she had tried in the past.  It had been in my head for years that I wanted to try it.  Saturday morning I finally made the decision that it was time to try it.

I was so in shock when I walked in all I could do was text my closest friends “At Zumba and I think I am the youngest in the class by 20 years.  These people are really into this.  Half the people are wearing Zumba clothes.  OMG did you know they even have Zumba shoes.  Should I run? “

I am perhaps the whitest, white girl ever.  Even in a room full of mirrors the music was so powerful I almost forgot that I was totally uncoordinated and that other people could see me.  After just one class I was totally hooked.  Just another reason I love the YMCA.  Where else can do weights, take your daughter to swimming lessons, ballet classes and be introduced to amazing workout classes like Zumba.

I was totally hooked.  And after a couple of classes with different instructors I found that each instructor had their own style not only in the way the energy of the class, but in the songs they selected and even the moves they used, even I way they dressed.

Then it happened…my favorite instructor asked me to come up front to help lead the class.  Now I schedule my weeks around classes with my favorite instructor.  You never know how much you will love something until you try.  Go for it.

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