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How to Really Clean Your Gas Stove

I love our stove and I recently started cooking for more butter which means a much greaser mess than I am used to.  So I went to my favorite place for tips…Pinterest.  I found a number of blog posts with similar recommendations, my favorite is Pinching Your Pennies Blog.

What you Need

  • Ammonia
  • Bag – ideally if your grates are small a ziplock bag would be ideal, but if your are large like mine you need garbage bags.
  • Magic Eraser– if you have any stains on your stove that you cannot get off

Step 1 

I have never used ammonia before so my first step was to go to Amazon and order some.  If you have never used it before be warned…it is the strongest smelling cleaning product I have ever used.  My nose and my eyes started burning just minutes after opening the bottle.  I would recommend waiting to open it until you are ready to use it so you can quickly close it back up.

Step 2

Take all the grates, bag and ammonia outside.  Put them into a bag that will allow you to close it.  Be careful not to make any holes in the bags.   Put about 1/4 cup of ammonia per grate and seal the bag.  Leave it outside overnight or for 8 hours in the sun.  Make sure you store it in a place that will be ok if it leaks.

Step 3 

Take them out of the bag and clean them with water and soap.  Be careful when picking up the bags, I had one bag that got a hole in it overnight.

Step 4

If you have any other marks on the stove use the magic eraser.

 Now you are back in business.  Even my husband was impressed.


3 thoughts on “How to Really Clean Your Gas Stove

  1. It sounds easy but stinky task. I am going to try it. I suppose it smells awful. Is it possible the sunlight to affect on the ammonia ? I am little afraid to leave the stoves during the day in sunlight. Best regards!

    1. It is both easy and smelly. It was my first time using ammonia. It literally felt like it was burning my nose hairs. I don’t know about sunlight affects on ammonia. Let me know if you try. I was shocked how much and off our grates.

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