Halloween Costume 

Bailey finally narrowed down her Halloween costume to something orange.  I struggled I think of options pumpkin, butterfly.  She loved the idea of a butterfly so now I have to decide make it or buy it?

What do your kids want to be for Halloween?  

6 thoughts on “Halloween Costume 

  1. Bumbi is going as Supergirl. She won’t do masks, anything on her hair, or strange materials, so we decided on Supergirl. As luck would have it my friend is bringing her son over to go trick-or-treating and he is going to be Superman so that actually has worked out well! Looking forward to seeing the butterfly!

      1. I love the idea of family coordinated costumes! So cute! Last year I was Peter Pan and Bumbi was Tinkerbell. Not sure what I will do this year. Decisions, decisions…

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