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First Sleepover: Advice Needed

We have been talking about Bailey sleeping over at my parents house for months.  My parents are finally ready and tomorrow is the big night.  Luckily we live 2 miles from my parents house so we are close if Bailey decides she wants to come home.  We have been talking about how much fun it would be for weeks maybe even months.  Some days she seems more confident about it.  Toddlers First Sleepover calls for advice from my friends!

Today we went to the library to get special books for B to take with her including books about sleepovers to help get her ready.

I would love your advice on other ways to prepare for a successful sleepover.  Thank you in advance.

9 thoughts on “First Sleepover: Advice Needed

  1. My little one had no problem sleeping over. She was probably about 20 months. The only reason she stayed that young was bc I was pregnant and I knew we had to prepare for those nights away from her while I was in the hospital. Anyways, I was the one having a hard time, not her. But at least you live close in case she wants to come home. I would def make a “party” like thing and something to celebrate that she’s sleeping over.. It will help her feel like a big girl and very proud. And let her where her favorite pj’s! Good luck! 🙂

    1. The party idea is a great one. I am trying to get excited myself. I know my first trip without her I was the one who had trouble. Thank you for reading and for your advice.

  2. I was so nervous I typed up a 1 page letter with all of the do’s and dont’s lol. My parents never even read it! My kids had so much fun with their grandparents and couldn’t wait to do another sleepover.

  3. You are doing awesome! I am sure everything will go great! I send my kids with their favorite blankets, pillow, and animals. It’s kind of a lot to pack but it makes things more familiar for them and the few times they have had sleepovers they have had a really good time!!

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