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American Girl Dolls 

Yesterday my aunt hosted a sip and see for our family to meet my cousin’s daughter.  I was reminded how nice it is to live close to our extended family.  Kurt and I both value family and I love to see how Bailey at only 2 does too.  My cousin’s wife put it best “We have had an explosion of girls recently”.  

It is amazing how even though the girls age ranging from 10 years old to 6 weeks there is a common love beyond a love a family.  A love of babies/dolls.   Audrey and Rae Marie had gone to the American Girl store with their grandmothers the day before.  The girls were so sweet sharing their AG dolls with Bailey.  She was in heaven.  

My aunt and cousin decided that a trip to the American Girl store would be the perfect birthday celebration for Bailey.   Bailey and Rae are both red heads.  At the Miami store the only red head doll option was more blond.  So I started googling American Girl dolls.  

Love that dolls that I had played with as a child are still popular.  The American girl store experience sounds like the Disney of dolls.  Cannot wait to see her face.  

Don’t know much about American Girls this article All Dolled Up: The Enduring Triumph of Am is really interesting.  What is your experience with American Girl dolls?

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  1. I’m a big fan of American Girl dolls, although I think the quality and authenticity has gone down a bit since Pleasant Company was bought by Mattel. I had (well, still have) a Kirsten doll, and used to spend hours pouring over the catalogs, imagining what I would buy if I had infinite money.

  2. My sister bought my daughter her first American Girl doll for Christmas. My daughter was elated!!! “Isabella” runs errands with us, and even went to the movie with us one day. My daughter loves her doll.

  3. I’ve always loved AG. My girls got bitty baby twins for Christmas from my FIL and they love them. One day I want to take the to the store for lunch.

  4. I still remember the big glass jar I had to save up my money for my first bitty baby. I also had Kirsten. I played with dolls literally until middle school. Maybe that is why I now have 5 children. God only blessed me with one daughter, but you better believe that we sit down and circle items in that catalog together. It reminds me of my childhood!!

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