A Confession…The Bachelorette

I was recently out for a Girl’s Night Out when I realized I was the only one at the table who was not watching The Bachelorette. The first 15 minutes of dinner were dedicated to talking about all the details of the show.  I gave into peer pressure and I finally sat down to get caught up.  I skipped a bunch of episodes.  I don’t know it is is because I am happily married or because match making is one of my favorite things, but I have such a hard time believing that this is a good way to meet “the one”.

I have to admit there were a bunch of really good looking and interesting guys.  Watching the show I was so reminded how conservative I am.  The idea of dating 25 guys at the same time and having sex with someone you have known for a couple of weeks at the same time is just crazy to me.  Even crazier is that they wanted to level the playing field and allow her to have overnights with three guys.  Only to send one of them home the next day.

I just cannot help, but keep thinking how is it that these people have not found love and then on a show so many of the guys fall in love with the same girl.   With that said the two Ben’s are adorable and I might watch the Bachelor if they are selected.

3 thoughts on “A Confession…The Bachelorette

  1. I never watched the Bachelor or any version of it until a close friend of ours was a cast member of the Bachlorette a couple of seasons back. It was so strange watching it and also knowing him on a personal level trying to tease out what we knew to be true and what looked like editing, ect. We watched a few seasons after his, but we haven’t seen this one.

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