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10 Things to Pack for Disney with Kids

We love Disney.  Kurt and I have spent hours and hours in all the theme parks.  We finally took our daughter for her first trip and it was a huge success.  Everyday she said “best day ever!!.”   She asked if we could move closer to Disney and she literally cried when we left.  Since it was our first trip where we were fully responsible for a child (we have been with our nieces and nephews before) we did a lot of pre-planing and we packed the car as if we were moving to Orlando.  It was a lot of work, but I think it made for an easier trip and saved us money in the end.  Here is our packing recommendations with the 10 Things to Pack for Disney with Kids.

1. Disney toys and outfits – our goal was to avoid the “need” to purchase things in the gift shops since Disney forces you to walk through them after almost every ride.  One if my favorite moments was watching Bailey waving to Minnie Mouse with her Minnie doll.     I was on the fence about bringing a princess dress.  We did the dinner with Cinderella and I was so happy we packed it. I would recommend wearing an outfit under it.  Bailey asked to change about 15 minutes into dinner because her dress was itchy.  Luckily we got some cute pictures before she changed.
2. Light up toys – I know as a kid I was drawn to all the light up toys.  We purchased this light up toy on Amazon before we left.  It did not last very long, but it saved us.
3. Blankets – I would recommend at least two blankets.  One for the bed at the hotel and one for the stroller, even if it is super hot there might be times you want to sit on the floor or want to try and save space for your family like if you are waiting for a show or the parade (for some parades people start lining up as early as 2 hours before.  Bailey and I were so exhausted one afternoon we literally laid down on the floor.
4. Refillable Water bottles – yesterday we did over 25,000 steps in 90 degrees weather.  You can never have enough water.  You can get a cup of ice for free from any restaurant at the park and there are water fountains outside of most if not all restrooms.
5. Cooler, drinks food and plates – we brought bread and lunch meat to make sandwiches for lunch.  Our soft sided cooler bag was perfect for lunch and snacks.  I did not know that coolers were allowed.  Since they are allowed you can grab a table outside or at any if the quick serve restaurants.  We did breakdown and get the Mickey pretzels, but bringing our lunch saved us from waiting in another long line and $40-50 in park food.
7. Change of clothes – I only needed it once but I was so happy I had it.  
8. First Aid Kit – this was another thing we only needed once, but I was so happy I had when we needed it. We brought band aids, allergy medicine, buggy wipes, and Motrin.  In our house band aids fix everything.
9. Sunscreen – the Central Florida sun is intense and if you are like our family you will be running around and might not realize just how much time you are spending in the sun because you are having so much fun.  Some of the lines for rides are in the sun.
10. Ponchos and umbrella – while Florida is the sunshine state we are also know for random showers of liquid sunshine especially in the afternoon.  If you don’t like the Florida weather wait 10 mins.  Even if there is no forecast for rain umbrellas can come in handy to protect you from the sun.  Next trip I will be bringing a small kids umbrella for our daughter.
Do you have any other must bring items when you pack for Disney?

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